Purple phase

I’ve gotten in to my purple phase! I can never settle with a hair colour for to long so we’ll see how long this will last! Hmmm wonder what colour I’ll go with next…. anyways right now.. purple it is!

Photo by vox




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10 Responses to Purple phase

  1. selma says:

    yes ! 😀

    love your pictures !

  2. damn, love the purple hair!

  3. ebba says:

    sv: thanks! 😀

  4. Katerina says:

    are you taking those pics…????
    they are amazing!!!!congrats!!!
    plus i love your hair….i’ll follow you for sure…


  5. Snow Black says:

    That’s such a cool hair color. Ever find it hard to wear outfits with purple hair?

  6. Sophia Bladh says:

    riktigt snygga bilder 😀

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